About The Contest

Twenty merciless makeup artists. Twenty ferocious fashion stylists. Each gripped by a hunger to win. Their challenge: twenty different looks, fast! Last pair standing enjoys sweet victory.


Fashion Face Off is the first of what will become an annual contest and showcase for graduates of WSQ training courses in the areas of beauty and fashion. Organised by Carrie Academy International (CAI) and Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS), with the support of a panel of generous sponsors hailing from the beauty and fashion industries, it promises to be a riveting spectacle of skills, thrills and, no doubt, some occasional spills along the way.

The contest will span four days from Thursday 24 October to Sunday 27 October, and will be held at Bugis+. During the course of the contest, the pairs of contestants will be asked to respond to a series of challenging makeup and fashion briefs. Their task: to create the specified ‘looks’, from ‘casual weekend’ to ‘red carpet glamour’ and everything in between, within a limited time-frame. Judging will be done by public voting and a professional panel of judges. Elimination will be swift and ruthless.

Ten teams will compete on Day 2 (25 Oct) , and three teams will be shortlisted for the finals on Day 4 (27 Oct).

Another ten teams will compete on Day 3 (26 Oct), and another three teams will get shortlisted for the finals.

By Day 4 (27 Oct), the competition will have been whittled down to just six. Finally a winning team will emerge triumphant.

The final face off will be tense, exciting and eminently entertaining.

For the public, it’s a free beauty and fashion show – an opportunity to see professional models sport and strut the latest looks from fashion and makeup sponsors and tenants of Bugis+. It’s also a chance to see the impressive skills acquired from WSQ beauty and fashion courses in action. And, it will be a chance to cast your vote for your favourite duo of makeup and fashion doyennes.

For contestants, it’s a chance to put theory into practice under a great deal of pressure, a stab at fame, and a leg-up on their climb up the career ladder. The prize stakes include employment opportunities at prestigious international makeup and fashion brands, together with a generous bundle of beauty and fashion goodies totalling more than $10,000.

Any graduate of a makeup application or fashion styling course provided by any of the two  Approved Training Organisations – Carrie Academy International (CAI) and Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS), – is eligible and encouraged to enter.

Graduates who register will be screened and shortlisted to a handful of twenty trained makeup artists and twenty trained fashion stylists. They will be paired up at random by the organisers.

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Excited? You’d better be. If you’re one of the chosen 40, you’ll be needing oceans of adrenaline to see you through the Fashion Face Off.